Honesty (How I pray that all of us embrace it).


Dear world,This post about honesty has truly been in my heart for weeks now. It’s a common subject…. ever discussed numerals of times but I truly feel there’s more to voice up concerning honesty. I won’t mind to write about it also but that’s what my heart tells me I should do today.

In a nutshell…Summarily, if all of us were honest with each other and God, then the world would be a perfect place. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Most of cheat, or plan evil against each other for no good reason. Some of us who hold offices sack our juniors on personal and hidden accounts which can’t be brought into light. Sadly speaking, we even know that there are things that we do that are wrong yet we go ahead and do them because we want to quench our impulses or just because evil thoughts override us. This is very unfortunate. How I pray that we change that behavior.

As honest as green.
God’s natural phenomenon shows how honesty he is.

The bottom line…I would like to be honest and write that….honesty starts with you and me. We need to be honest with ourselves, then with others and God. When we are not honest with ourselves, it means we are living a lie because most of the time, we shall be doing things that are not right, or that are not genuine.

Honesty is a virtue. It’s cultivated over time. It’s not an overnight affair so to speak. For you to be truly honest in life, you learn daily how to do things right at all costs. This is not easy. It takes more than just bodily effort. But you can become one when you exercise your will daily.

Most of us have never been honest with ourselves. May be we have been, but just on the very least.

As I conclude, God’s judgement is based on honesty. God has never failed to be honest with himself and even to us. So if we need to be like him, then there’s no way we shall succeed if we have no honesty. Please meditate on this and let God help us.

Thank you.






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