Dear wonderful people,

Obstacles are everywhere and in every situation in our lives. One may probably wonder why everything doesn’t go as planned especially in life. The ample reason behind all that takes place may be ‘obstacles’.

I have come to learn that with a good attitude, one can be able to handle obstacles without fear, resentment and prejudice. That’s why I found it necessary to share this article today particularly for you who is not willing to try anything new; reason being ‘obstacles’.

This article is aimed at encouraging you to stand up, dust yourself and move on. Please keep on reading….

Failure is part of the journey. It is within the ‘norm’ to fail but refusing to continue after failing is failure.


Please remember that;

  • Your mind can be an obstacle. When you are not progressing in life, sometimes it’s advisable to evaluate your state of mind. Negative thoughts cause stumbling blocks on your path towards success.
  • Obstacles are the mole hills that you see as mountains or the ant hills that you see as volcanoes when you become pessimistic in life.
  • Whenever you face an obstacle, use the opportunity for  advancement; here I mean, face it and learn to gain experience or handle it and overcome it so that you can build your faith. Remember that the strongest sports men and women are the ones who exercise vigorously.
  • When enemies put stumbling blocks on your way home, take the blocks home with you and use them to build your house.
  • Never fail to keep focus on your goals. When you put your eyes off the goal, you will start seeing obstacles.

indexObstacles can make your life difficult especially if you have not learned how to handle them. Always learn to identify challenges in life and tackle them as appropriate. Be positive and optimistic when handling them.

Giving up is the easiest thing one can do. But remember, giving up  is never a rewarding affair.

Other forms of Obstacles.

They include;

  1. Fear of unknown
  2. Procrastination
  3. Resentment
  4. Laziness
  5. Pessimism

When you fail to accomplish any assignment on time, you create room for obstacles.

  • Whenever you hold a negative feeling in life, it becomes an obstacle to your happiness.
  • Fear can make you lose or miss what was meant for you.

Resolve that nothing holds you back this year 2018 and that you shall achieve what you want.

Have a fruitful day!






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