Hardships (a 3 minute read)…



Dear world, today I would like to mention briefly and passionately about hardships. If you are passing through hardship this moment, then this write up is for you. Please read it and develop insight. You can also comment here and probably share your experience of a difficult situation you went through and overcame.

Summary. No one achieves much excellence in any field or adventure without going through tremendous exercise, hard work, situation or event for their success to be realized. Hardships are the negative parts/elements/situations/occurrences while on the journey towards success. For you to succeed, you have to embrace all the negative occurrences and take them positively, then be sure to reach home.

Hardships are unpleasant situations and moments to all of us because they make our lives difficult and may leave us dismayed. That’s right. One may feel numb at times when going through a tough situation. All the hopes and ideas flee. The vision one carries can sometimes get lost. Hardships make you feel you are in a desert.

But then, hardships are necessary because;

  • God gives hardest battles to strongest soldiers. You are one of those strongest soldiers so be proud every time you go through a difficult moment in life.
  • For a seed to achieve its success in terms of growth, it has to undergo damage; the nut cracks, husks rot and then it germinates into a shoot and root, completely new.
  • Every bad situation will have something positive. Hot sunshine provides heat to dry clothes on the cloth line. At night, when it is dark, the moon shines to make us see where to step.
  • You don’t win because you have strength. No. You win after overcoming the struggles that you go through.
  • The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory. So go through hardship and wait for your moment of celebration.

Be strong!



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