18 ways of showing Love to your family in 2018.

Here are ways to grow love and loyalty for your beloved family, this new year 2018;

  1. Show each family member how to read the Bible. Let them see God.
  2. Have a regular time everyday with your spouse and children for a chat, at the round table.
  3. Respect each other and value each other’s potential. Appreciate their weaknesses and uniqueness as well.
  4. When an argument is raised, be quick to surrender in favor of  your partner. Let them win.
  5. Have regular time with your children and play games with them.
  6. Go shopping, swimming, skiing, or on holiday together.
  7. Hold hands while walking on the street.
  8. Have a habit of saying “I am sorry my dear” when you realize that you are on the wrong side.
  9. Make surprise phone calls to your spouse especially while at the work place.
  10. Buy a new dress or garment for your partner without being asked to do so.
  11. During birthday party, sing a beautiful song to your partner. Try and compose one.
  12. Always give complement. Example: “I loved the way you dressed yesterday. It makes me love you more”…
  13. Share a meal, share a pillow, share laughter, share a car, share money.
  14. When something drops on the ground, pick it for your partner. Let them allow you to serve them.
  15. Save some cash for holiday and take your children and spouse on a trip.
  16. Always excuse yourself when receiving a phone call. Don’t stay online for three hours unless it is very necessary that you should do so.
  17. Do not leave the house without your partner’s knowledge. Inform them where you are going. This makes them happy and confident.
  18. Visit your friend accompanied by your spouse. This improves trust and loyalty.

You can read this 18 times!

Which one do you like?



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