Your New Year’s enemies of Progress.


Happy new year 2018!

We thank the almighty God for granting us the gift of life and hope and faithfully taking us into the new year. 

All of us are optimistic about 2018….that all goes well. That’s alright but allow me to remind you that in as much as you have made your resolutions and vowed to stick to them in 2018, here are the enemies of Progress that you need to really watch keenly against them;

  • Failure, the enemy of success.
  • Hatred, the enemy of Love.
  • Procrastination, the enemy of timeliness.
  • Laziness, the enemy of hard work.
  • Pride, the enemy of humility
  • Satisfaction, the enemy of growth.
  • War, the enemy of peace.
  • Foolishness, the enemy of wisdom
  • Darkness, the enemy of light
  • Pessimism, the enemy of optimism
  • Prayerlessness, the enemy of prayerfulness
  • Dormancy, the enemy of activity
  • Giving up, the enemy of determination
  • Resentment, the enemy of contentment
  • Poverty, the enemy of prosperity.
  • Carnal mind, the enemy of spiritual hood
  • Flesh, the enemy of the spirit
  • Harshness, the enemy of gentleness
  • Debt, the enemy of Profit
  • Fear, the enemy of courage
  • Doubt, the enemy of faith
  • Malice, the enemy of good will.         

As we focus ahead, remember that the enemies above can really frustrate your effort and plans in this new year. Look out please so that you don’t end up a failure when you were not meant to fail.

Happy new year 2018!



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