A little courtesy won’t hurt…



Let’s try to reflect on this simple element called courtesy, today. It’s very important that we realize how courtesy can make our lives just easy by relating with people in the required manner.

Treating people fairly is one of the best practices ever when it comes to relationships. People like someone who is considerate. Some who values them and what they do. 

Courtesy has its reward. Being gentle to people, including critics creates a wonderful atmosphere of peace and mutual understanding between people.

Being in a hurry to exercise prejudice or to judge prematurely creates friction leading to enmity.

When you want to win people’s trust, be courteous to them. In fact be genuinely loyal to them. Recognize their abilities even when you know they have a huge mound of weaknesses inside them.

There’s no harm in being courteous. If anything, there’s a benefit. I would like to inform those people who like handling people roughly that being courteous towards people they come across in life from this day will make them realize a change in attitude of those people. Human nature requires that we observe courtesy, respect, recognition and friendliness while handling people. This is not easy. It comes with practice. Remember that you can’t manage all people, all the time, all the same way. But after years of practice, you will agree with me that courtesy will give you good rewards.

Here is how courtesy is exercised among other ingredients in relationships;

  • When talking to somebody, look straight in their eyes. Pay attention.
  • Pardon yourself if you have not heard what they said nd ask them to repeat.
  • Call people by name if possible.
  • Put on a friendly face. Smile. They are likely to smile back.
  • Always thank them after serving them or after being served by them.

Pride hinders us from interacting with people of different classes and races. It makes us less courteous. We end up undermining people close and far from us. Most proud people end up choosing whom to be courteous to. This is unfortunate.

Be courteous today. You will realize that everybody is a friend to you.

Thank you.



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