When all your hope is gone….

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At times in life, we lose things that are so meaningful to us. We even lose people who really meant to influence our lives positively. We therefore lose our only hope. Our light that used to shine our paths for us disappears suddenly.

It’s human nature to feel downcast, hopeless and defeated. We were all born with characteristics that make us feel different in every situation that we pass through. God created us with these characteristics so that we can be unique, and so that we can appreciate nature and his being.

But losing a loved one, or a property meant dear to someone doesn’t necessarily mean life has to end. There should be room for new life; a new beginning, a new journey and a new hope. There should be a strategy to make life go on. 

Feed your mind with positive thoughts.

Life loses meaning when someone is in a hopeless situation. That’s true. But life in itself is more than property that we own and even more than those people we believe are meant to influence our lives greatly. I believe that God has a million ways of fulfilling someone’s destiny whether they pass through hopelessness in their lives or not. God knows each person’s destiny and so everything rests with him.

A hopeless situation in most cases is a temporary situation. People who, by the grace of God endure those moments usually live happily, contented and experienced thereafter.

To pass through hopelessness, sometimes God teaches us to see the other side of the coin, and to appreciate him in that situation. We learn afterwards that any situation can befall us, and so we just need to be prepared.

When all your hope is gone, remember that it doesn’t mean you will have to die. It just means that God is looking for another better way of taking you through life. It also means that life is transitional….that today you may be crying but tomorrow be celebrating forever. So always be optimistic in every situation. Tell yourself always that all is well. With practice, it becomes easy to acquire that mind of optimism.



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