Why Pride for wrong reasons is dangerous…



#vain glory#

It’s good to be proud…for good reasons, not for wrong ones. People who are proud for wrong reasons end up falling. No wonder Pride comes before a fall.

Pride with wrong reasons can ruin your heart and mind. In which sense? In the sense that everyone and everything else can’t be compared or equated to you because you feel you are a superior, egoistic personality. You therefore tend to undermine others.

Pride for wrong reasons, is dangerous because;

  1. It provides avenue for despising people including God.
  2. It causes an individual to become haughty.
  3. Pride hardens our hearts for the worst, so we can’t be humble.
  4. People who are wrongly proud have no time to be courteous.
  5. It breeds contempt.
  6. It makes us insensitive to the surrounding and society.

When we feel proud for wrong reasons, we can’t humble. A proud person has no time to apologize for doing wrong.

When our hearts become insensitive to human nature and God, we become detached from reality. We then end up in destruction. 



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