Why God can’t be questioned..



There has been in history, deviant groups or sect that has unfoundendly come up before with the idea that God doesn’t exist. There have also been arguments about this, that God is not existent and that there’s nothing like heaven and earth.

The question about God and who God is should not be raised at all. 

To question God is foolishness. To say that God doesn’t exist is lack of respect for God. The question about God goes beyond human understanding. Man is limited, remember.

We have to live a life of faith, believing in the unseen because the one who created us is invisible.

God can’t be questioned because;

  • He is the creator of heaven and earth.
  • He created man. Man is inferior to HIM.
  • He is present all the time everywhere.
  • He is perfect.
  • He knows everything.

Never question him. Instead, believe in him.



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