Five ways to control Anger…

Anger can kill. It’s either the one who is angry can die, or the one anger is displaced upon. It endangers both parties.

People react differently. All the same, anger, when not tamed results into poor judgement that’s definite in line with destruction.

Angry people have a little space for patience in their hearts. Much space is occupied propulsively by an impulse to stand up and act.

After acting out of impulse because of anger, most people end up regretting the consequences of what they did. But even those few who do not show resentment still regret, and live in denial at face value. Are you one of those?

The following are some of the suggested ways in which anger can be controlled. Remember that there are many other suggested ways that have been applied successfully before;

  • When you are angry, always separate yourself from the scene, rather what is making you angry. Walk away. It doesn’t mean you are a coward when you do so.
  • Know your weaknesses. If anger is one of them, then start replacing it with patience. Learn to hold yourself back every time even when you know that you should have acted.
  • Seek counseling and accept that you have a problem. Solution starts with acceptance that something within you is wrong.
  • Laugh often, smile often, cheer others. When you do so, the grudging feeling wanes off with time. Note: the best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer others.
  • Pray. Seek God. You will realize that the power to forgive others shall be deposited in your heart.



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