The importance of Difficult times.

#difficult times#


#hard times#

Each one of us goes through some difficult times….at some point in time.

It’s natural to face challenges, dry moments, awkward times, desert like days and so forth.

The power to go through such times depends on several factors, among them; our past experiences on the same misfortune, the training we have received in life about storms, the self cultivated courage and motivation to go through those moments and the ability to remain resilient when disaster strikes.

Tough times don’t last but tough people do.

Nobody in life likes passing through difficult times. 

Difficult times do not inform you that they will be at your doorstep, say morrow morning or evening or so. They come in uncertain manner. At times those moments give us warning signs so that we can prepare. This doesn’t always happen so. We just need a steady and alert mind.

Nature has revealed that most people who are a powerful success in life have powerful testimonies. This means they went through thick forests to reach the right road. We often listen to the testimonies of such people but we forget to adopt what they went through to reach where they are, yet the path towards the prize is more important than the prize itself. This is because if you lose the prize but know the path, you will find for yourself another prize. So what they went through and how they managed it may make so much meaning to us just apart from the prize they received.

Challenges, hard times, desperate times etc are very important. I have passed through such moments before and I need to emphasize that one should take difficulties positively. I lost a job, I lost a child, I was despised terribly through racism. All that brought gain to me in many ways.

The following are the reasons why passing through difficulties is important;

  • When God wants to lift you to a higher status he prunes you first. He removes the pride in you and chauvinism so that you can remain loyal to him and the society. So he passes you through challenges to make you learn and have obedience.
  • Hard times provide lessons that shape up our future.
  • Difficulties make people think. They think about solving problems at hand. Remember, necessity is a mother of invention.
  • When you pass through challenges, your faith improves immensely especially when you come out successfully. You eventually learn that not everything is difficult in this world.
  • Challenges create testimonies that inspire others to become successful.



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