Leadership and Character: Congruent.



#good will#

There’s a very binding relationship between leadership and character. The two are congruent.

Much has been mentioned and written about leadership but today I just want to highlight what we need to appreciate about these two terms; leadership and character. Perhaps you have read about it elsewhere. No problem. We just need to remind ourselves about them because they determine the outcome of what we do and act upon.

  1. For one to lead well, their character must be seasoned.
  2. Good character is usually associated with maturity. A good leader displays plenty of maturity.
  3. Leaders who are malicious mostly have poorly formed character which remained wild for ages.
  4. There’s no way good character can synchronize with bad leadership. The two are directly proportional. 
  5. People who have experience and have learned lessons in their leadership areas usually behave modestly. Inexperienced people in leadership have immature character.

Remember, Good character is Godliness. 

The basis of judgement of a man is based on their character.

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