The Gift of Generosity….not everyone has it.

Let me start by saying this; not everyone you see around has the gift of generosity. No. You are wrong to think that way. The gift of generosity belongs to quite a category of personalities in this world.

The power to give belongs to God. It’s God’s agenda. Rather his assignment since time immemorial.

For you and me to give, we need hearts that are willing to let go of material possessions. Otherwise we may die holding onto them, or scribble a will demanding burial with all possessions with us inside our graves. God forbid.

To give is to live long, to remain with power to get more and to stay afloat in plenty. Try today and you will remember these words.

To spend time helping people’s lives out for good is the greatest noble step ever. Indeed that’s the origin of happiness and great contentment. A deep sense of satisfaction is usually cultivated out of this.

Failure to exercise the gift of generosity in life may leave one empty…a chest cavity without a ‘heart’ in it.

Most of us become resentful as our years wane mostly because our foundations were centered around denying people chance in life to excel when it was possible to do that. So we end up living unhappily since there’s nothing to celebrate for, and of course we live without God’s favor.

Generosity makes one to become wealthy. Remember, it’s God’s agenda as we had said earlier. God is not poor.


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