What motivates you?

#Daily drive# 

#Engine behind the power#

#Gifts and talents#

What is it that motivates you daily?

Is it your car, your wallet, your ample acreage, your workaholic nature, your good attitude, your wife and children, your husband, your job, your God and worship, your life in general, a musical instrument, your certificates or trophies or your business? The list is endless.

Harmonious sound is a motivator.

Note: It matters greatly what motivates us in life. A good motivator should bring good health to your body, or good fortune. A life well lived when curtains close is highly pegged to the state of body and soul in terms of health and the relationship with the creator.
A motivator seeks to improve your life daily than degrade it. You get motivated when you have a reason to be held accountable for your actions. I mean a good reason to let the society beware of your actions and motivators.

A life full of resentment, hatred, pessimism, despondency, despair and doubt will never have a motivator tagged to it. It will tag a demotivator. That’s automatic. Contented people have their contentment snugged in good motivators.

I would like to ask you..as you read this; 

What is it that motivates you daily, and why?



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