Cultivating good will is important

It’s usually important to relate well with people.

The power to influence people’s lives positively is determined by the kind of relationship created between each party.

You can’t win people’s trust fully if your shadow is their darkness. Again, you can’t manage them when the fences between you and them are broken, or bridges that were supposed to create a link between you and them were burnt or destroyed altogether. 

You don’t have to be a professor to cultivate good will, or an enormous navigator. You can take the practice ordinarily, daily. 

Good will is important. It creates a sense of trust and loyalty in people around you. It’s never harmful to make peace with everyone. If anything, it’s peace that we require. When we do this then we become a success.

A good leader has good will. His authority is genuine if he observes the interests that favor the whole society rather than themselves or an individual.



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