The art of living life.

Life can be simple…when you decide to simplify it. It can also be complicated…of course when you try to complicate it. So, your life and current situation depends on the side you have chosen to stand.

It’s always best to live life to its fullest amid negatives, misfortunes or misery. Pursue the road towards happiness and explore the possibilities of making life a bliss. This way, you may discover that most of your fears and negative beliefs  that you held on for long were a fallacy.

Learn to live joyfully. Live like today is your last day on earth. Enjoy life as if you have never incurred any pain. Be happy until everyone imagines that you have never been sad in your life. Decide to love without holding back any feeling; neither grudgingly. Be yourself. Decide that you are not going to be miserable again. Talk to the person looking at you in the mirror every morning or evening. Let them know that you are a different person now.

There are five things that you need to part with starting this day. Be rational.

Habits that don’t pay.

Change your thinking starting today. Be the driver of your life. Stay positive. Don’t allow circumstances to drive you. When the sun becomes too hot, take a nap under a shade. When the rain becomes too much, run outside the house joyfully and start dancing in the rain. Nobody will see your tears. The rain washes them away.

Look around…for every moment you breathe, there’s something to appreciate. 



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