How to Battle when in Battle.


A battle is never an easy affair. Never.

It’s very unwise and unintelligent to assume that you shall win any battle every time while fighting…whether a minor or a major one.

It’s also erroneous to just wake up and start fighting without taking stock in the enemy’s shop or even developing some strategy on how to attack the enemy. When an enemy attacks you, it always means they prepared to do so a few days, weeks, months, or years ago. They prepared everything in the unseen realm, and now they appear in the physical realm to attack you. If you are not steady in such circumstances, you may lose the battle….they found you unawares.

When the enemy ambushes you, be sure to stagger a little bit before re-collecting yourself. He may first hit your eyes, and you may not see. Or he may hit your legs and so you may not run or walk, or even stand. He may hit your arms hard until you can’t fight. And so he may take advantage and harm you totally. So please, always be prepared. Walk, talk and live as if the battle is at the next corner.

Below are tips on how to battle when in battle. Most of these tips form strategies that help you and me to battle;

  • Know your enemy first, then locate him.
  • Take stock. Find out the strength and weaknesses of your enemy. Evaluate them prudently.
  • Prepare. Carry out adequate training. Make sure you train in accordance with the strategies you are going to apply.
  • When you launch an attack, don’t think of retreating. You either win or die. So, make a firm resolution.
  • Have more than one strategy. If one fails, switch to the next one.
  • Don’t compromise set standards while fighting.

#Most battles are fought when you least expect to fight. So always be prepared#.

#The bigger the battle, the more energy and sophisticated strategy you require#.

When you lose a battle, learn the lesson and use it to improve your weaknesses. Don’t feel resentful. Always accept. You have to move on. Other bigger battles are waiting for you ahead. Stand up, dust yourself and cheer yourself up!

When you win a battle, don’t celebrate loosely. The enemy may attack you while in your camp during those excitement periods. When you are elated, it can take you time to adjust and that gives advantage to your opponent. So be modest in celebration.

Most people do not fight when the enemy attacks their camp. Instead, they cry around, putting on a face of misery. The enemy doesn’t care about your need for a sympathetic ear. The best option is to quickly strategize and fight back. Remember that the damage the enemy may leave you with may be too heavy for you when you leave them to amply destroy your camp.

God is supreme when it comes to battles. He is the mighty warrior, great in battle. Depend on him. You shall win.




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