Why mistakes are important…

It’s not a mistake when one does a mistake. Somebody is never defined as a failure when found in a mistake. A learner doesn’t become a failure because of making a mistake.

It’s not a mistake when you take a wrong direction. It’s a mistake when you take the same wrong direction you took before. In other words, twice a mistake in the same manner, then know you are a failure.

In my career life, as a Lecturer, a Motivator and a Coach, I have failed at times to catch up with my schedule, simply because of a few mistakes. When that happens, I simply sit down and draw a lesson out of it, then plan a new lesson again. I use the mistake…the occurrence as a ladder to climb up and reach my goal. I make sure that the mistake I did is turned into a positive affair that brings me fruits from my success garden. I use the mistake to cultivate, asses and evaluate myself. My mistakes are my mirror, my checklist, my scoresheet, my drawing board, my reflection, my mock test, my preliminary match, my test effort……my……

Mistakes are important dear ladies and gentlemen. They show us, and even remind us that we are human. Mistakes make us appreciate nature and make us realize that God designed failure and success. The reason why mistakes are considered to be part of our lives is that they teach us lessons while on the journey to our destination and if we don’t embrace them, we lose the history of the journey altogether. Mistakes are a proof that we are attempting to do something, that we are not sitting back all along.

The only critical mind I would like to pen down here is that a first mistake serves well with a human being. But a repeat of the same mistake calls for a different treatment. A failure would repeat the same mistake he/she did yesterday. A failure is someone who can’t learn. A failure and a fool parallel each other. Fools don’t learn either. 

Mistakes are important because they help us to see. When we go wrong, we correct the situation and we are therefore able to see both sides of the situation (good and bad) better. In this case, we can do a better judgement afterwards.

It’s a mistake to ignore a mistake. It’s a mistake to think that making a mistake for the first time means failure. It’s a mistake not to correct a situation after you have done a mistake. It’s a mistake to think that mistakes are not important and should not be considered as part of the whole process. It’s a mistake to think that we were born perfect…and that we can do everything precisely from the word go. When you make a mistake, don’t stay there crying and showing resentment. Stand up, dust yourself off and move on. Life has to go on.

It’s a mistake to repeat the same mistake. It’s a mistake to continuously make mistakes without considering correction. It’s a mistake to think that you can’t make it in life. 
Mistakes are important. If you think they are not, fine. But before you became who you are, I am sure you passed through the ‘mistake’ shadow. You may have learnt from those mistakes and shaped yourself better. I am certain about that.


3 thoughts on “Why mistakes are important…

  1. Again a great message over here, Bernard. Your writing projects empowerment and inspiration to people. It is lovely to have someone like you in the wordpress community. It would be great if we could collaborate and share some ideas together. As, I have also struggled with this very much in person. Thank you.

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