You need an Eagle’s eye…

Be like an eagle. Mount up your wings. Soar high, high above the hills, valleys, mountains and oceans. Be safe and stay there. There is where you belong. 



An eagle flies high but watches all that happens below it. An eagle can visualize so many miles away from the earth. When there’s fish in the ocean for example, an eagle is able to see and so will go for it. If you are visionary like an eagle, you don’t have to move near for you to see. You just need to stay afar but keep focus.

#Keep buoyancy

Just like an eagle, you can stay a balanced life, stay on course, no drifting. An eagle can fly against the tough winds without loss of buoyancy. Storms should not make you drift off the course. Stay bouyant in order to achieve your goal.

#When tempests fall, raise your bar, your standards.

In the air, an eagle goes above the storm. It raises itself up so that the tempest or the storm goes below it. Success will never lower its standards to accommodate you. You have to raise your standards to achieve it.

#Don’t lose what you grasp.

When an eagle comes down to clutch some prey, it snugly places the prey in its claws. It doesn’t let go. It utilizes the powerful nature of its claws. Why do you hold on your talents, your fortune or your opportunities loosely? Learn from the eagle. Hold tightly what is valuable and profitable.

#Spread your wings

An eagle spreads its wings to balance its status and life in the air. This means that always think big. Be on course to network, to build great relationships, find solutions and appreciate people’s opinion and talents. Don’t be conservative. Success comes when you spread your wings. Spread your wings.




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