Today Marks your Future.

#yesterday #today #tomorrow #future….very predictable!

Future is never a past tense affair. It’s a present tense affair. There’s no future tense without present tense.


Seasons are sequential. Actions within those seasons are consequential. Seasons are also predictable. They are serial as well. They come and go. God’s design.

It’s probable that your success or failure that you have today largely depends on the kinds of buttons you pressed yesterday. Yesterday can go as far as decades lived. You have come a long way and now you are harvesting the fruit of your actions back in time today.

Everyone wants to succeed. They yearn for a celebration day. It’s true. But there are some facts that need to be looked at regarding success, or making it in life. Without these facts, then the future is a fallacy.

Tomorrow’s woes are pegged today. Many years to come, the results are determined by today’s decisions…and even tomorrow’s. If you can’t do something today, know that you will never do it. Haven’t you heard that…tomorrow never comes? Your future therefore is marked today. It’s shaped this hour. If you use your time poorly today, then you are making your a future a mis-celebration.

You can’t escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.

People who run away from responsibility end up meeting the same responsibility even a after a decade down the road. The responsibility would have matured into something else gigantic and can’t be overcome. In other words, escape of responsibility today makes them create a future disaster. Such victims don’t realize that their future is today. Nature doesn’t accommodate cowards. In as much cowards exist in this world, there’s no way future will accommodate them on this.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Future can be predicted. It just depends on you. What kind of future do you want? a mansion, a Rolls-royce, helicopter to move around, a home for the less fortunate? Name it. Write it on paper. Start a plan. Sail towards your future. You can choose to navigate east, or west, or north or south. It depends on you. You have everything in your hands. You also have everything in your head. You have a heart as well, a source of inspiration to do what you want to shape your future starting today. To predict the future means you become visionary, and so you see it today. You draw a plan, and establish a protocol of events that guide your journey to the future.

People who have no vision, always do not know their future. Well, if they know it, then just in a limelight. Such people live their lives with anxiety and would raise all sorts of questions and problems that would otherwise have been managed comfortably as they journey along.

You are the leader of  your own life. Leadership is action, not position.

Everyone is given their life by God to manage it, and lead. Everyday, you decide your future by the actions you take. You either interfere with future life or build it during your leadership practices. The steps you take in your life, any innovation, and creativity determine how able you are as a leader to shape your own life. To lead your life well, always practise the profession that you best know. Use the position wisely. Positions do not automatically translate into future success. You have to integrate it wisely into your future affairs. Do something which you understand well without straining, and so you get the perfect results . Here, there’s no time wasting because masterly attributes lead you into early accomplishment.

Time. Everything leans on time. Believe me.

Time dictates everything my dear friends. If you had all the money in the world, but no time to spend it, then forget! On the flipside, if you had all the time in the world, but no money, I am sure you can look for it. Expensive life require a well calculated timetable of time expenditure. A highly standardized life is managed well if time factor is handled properly. The future is bright if today’s time is managed perfectly. If you do things with speed, take care how you do them. It’s very dangerous to hurry and go far, because when you realize you went the wrong direction, it will take you a lot of time to come back home and start afresh. Speed is only useful if you are running in the right direction. …and be sure that you are running in the right direction!

Judge a man by his questions, not the answers. 

Several questions can make you understand me, and my future…rather how my future looks like. ‘Am I progressing in my life, my career, my business, or my skill?’ ‘Have I set the necessary standards, realistic targets?’ ‘Are my friends of value or just meant for a ride?’ ‘Do I have an everyday day goal?’….and if yes, do I accomplish each day’s task as scheduled?’

Good questions, good answers, good future.

Today marks your future. Do you agree?




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