The negative seeds of hatred also multiply.

Naturally, whatever you sow, you reap. If you sow sparingly, you reap sparingly. Likewise, if you sow bountifully, you reap bountifully. That’s the law of nature. When paraphrased, it means that whatever you put in brings out a measure that has an equivalence. So, in this case, nature doesn’t lie. Even the holy scriptures state so.

The seeds of hatred also apply the same principle. Hatred is a negative seed, remember. Sowed, then expect a harvest, but a negative one. Some of the outcomes of the negative seeds of hatred include:

#1. People will always tend to avoid you whenever you approach them once they realize that you possess negativity spirit.

People like to associate with others when they feel loved instead of being hated. So whenever you throw a seed of hatred among them, they flee!

#2. When you hate people, they are also likely to hate you back. Try and see then you will tell me. People reciprocate equivalently as well.

Just like when you love people, they also love you back. When you smile at someone, they will smile back. So, when you hate them, be sure that they may hate you back. That’s what the seed of hatred does.

#3. Your success largely depends on how you treat people who are around you and who mean a lot to you.

When you hate people around you, they are likely to be absent by the time you need them because you drive them away. No one has ever received full assistance from people after hating them. Sometimes people may assist you because they obey God and so have to carry out the obligation. But this doesn’t mean that the help they give you is a reflection of your seed of the hatred that you have offered them.

#4. Nobody climbs a ladder or goes up by bringing others down while on the same ladder. 

When you hate someone, and so you want to bring them down, the best thing you can do is to come down with them on the same ladder. That will mean that you also have to come down. In other words, when you make someone to fail or fall through hatred, you are also likely to fail or fall. Both of you have to come down. Unfortunate.

#5. It’s not God’s business to sow seeds of hatred.

It’s God’s business to establish and maintain the spirit of love. So if you take the seeds of hatred and start broadcasting them in your field, know that that will be your personal business where God is not involved.
I believe that the seeds of greatness that successful people have sown in this world have never been adulterated at any point with the seeds of hatred.

Sow love always. Thank you.


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