On Sunday. Search me oh God…..

Psalms 139: 23-24

King David reached a point and reasoned out with God. The whole of the chapter (139) brings up a sense of truth in regard to soul searching. He thought about God in a wise manner and reckoned within himself about how God knew him, right from his mother’s womb, and even before his inward parts were formed to the time when he would die and be buried. In fact, from the in-depth knowledge of the whole chapter, one can agree that God knew the day that king David could be born, He knew David’s abilities and even all the happenings in his life till death.

In other terms, the scripture illustrates how David sent a message to the whole world through his psalm that God knows each and everyone of us better than our friends or colleagues do. To add on that, he knows us better than ourselves. When we do things, whether in secret or in the open, God sees and knows everything and so accounts for those actions. He doesn’t need to be told. He knows our rising, our going out and our coming in. The Bible says in Genesis 1:1 that in the beginning, God created….which means that it’s God who began the earthly and heavenly affairs. Man came afterwards after God created him. So man is limited to God. Man has a boundary to operate within the circles of God. He has no authority of his own because the creator (God) is the one with authority.

In the current world, from the spiritual point of view, there’s no much time for most of us to reflect on the senses of God the way king David did. Most of us are on the run….busy but don’t be surprised that the businesses that we get busy with have no so much value. We have attributed those businesses to ‘lifestyle’ We have no much time for soul reflection. There’s no time to tell God that….search me oh God, and know my heart, try me and know my anxieties, and see if there be any wicked way in me, lead me Lord in the way everlasting (Psalms 139:23-24).

It’s unfortunate that soul reflection is left to only few people in the world. The Bible in the book of Malachi 3:6 describes God as the one who doesn’t change. God is the same, yesterday today and forever. Days change. People change…in their trust, mind and habits. Economic times change. Sometimes inflation sets in and the economic value of a currency nosedives. Rivers dry up. Storms cause havoc etc. What I mean is life is dynamic. But God is the same. His commandments remain the same. The faith he wants us to have in him is never manipulated. He requires to have time with him. The whole of Isaiah 58 gives a sense of the benefits acquired from God if one stays in his face with a fast, and of course carrying out the kind of a fast that God himself requires. In that chapter, it’s clear that when you search for God, the glory of the Lord appears. The glory of the Lord is never found when one gets busy with their affairs and so stays away from God.

Having time with God is very important. It’s useless to prevent God from searching your heart just because you are busy doing other things. If God has the power to give you what you want in your life, then why can’t you give him all the time for him to avail to you all that you want? Everything starts with God and ends with God. Only a fool says there’s no God. A fool will go round with his businesses thinking that without God, things will work out better. I pray that we don’t become fools. A fool has all the misfortunes in their lives. God help us.

When you do soul searching, God speaks to your heart. You also get to know the many things that God wanted you to know which you may never have known ordinarily. Soul searching is a gift from God. Pray to God so that he can avail it to you. If we don’t do soul searching, we shall never become better spiritually. When we don’t become better spiritually, God becomes displeased with us. When God becomes displeased with us, judgement falls on us. God help us.

Search me oh God, I pray, and know my heart. Remove all the wicked ways in my heart. Create an understanding in me that makes me acceptable before you.



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