Child Brutality….I condemn!

The stories that we have heard and watched in the media concerning child abuse are in millions…if we were to assign a statistical figure. If you required me to do research so that I quote figures correctly across the globe, I won’t hesitate to tell you that the figures will be truly quantitative.

Ranges of stories, starting with child neglect all the way to battering have been reported, if not heard, locally and broadly. It’s unfortunate that as a couple in a different set up remain childless….for reasons (and strongly desiring to have a child one day), others who are fruitful elsewhere abuse the gift called a child.

Children are a gift from God. Not all people in the world end up having children. Divine nature has it that if you have children, then God definitely favoured you. Agree with me on this. Even the holy scriptures record that Zechariah and Elizabeth were childless until late days when God visited them. Anna and Elkanah are also listed. Abraham and Sarah as well….(and in fact their story has remained on the lips of nearly all believers). I am not a Bible scholar but I think I am right to mention that God wanted to show the world that child business and fertility concept is his area of jurisdiction as well. I am raising this Biblical discussion because we need to understand that a child is a gift from God. Anything given by God should not be handled aimlessly. The only best way to appreciate God in such matters is to take care of that child in the proper way, the way God wants it. …teach a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will never depart from it. This should definitely be the way of God.

Child brutality should be condemned. It’s sin to torture children. The wages of sin is death. Parents and nannies who torture children should be brought to proper account. A child is a weak being. Innocent. Can’t defend themselves. Can only depend on whoever that is taking care of them. A child needs total support. They can’t be independent. They suffer when left alone because they can’t fend for themselves. When you torture a child, you ruin their future because you cause weakness in them of various kinds including physical, emotional and spiritual. A mentally tortured child is a terribly sick child and such a child, if they were many of a similar kind, then consequently lead to a sick society. A sick society means a sick nation. Sick nations translate into sick world. It starts with child abuse.

Child battering is harmful in all ways. Some parents are busy and can’t stay with their children most of the time. So they leave them in the hands of house maids or nannies if you prefer. Not all nannies behave the same way. Some do a perfect job. Others do the opposite.

Some children are beaten up until they lose consciousness. Others are pricked by sharp objects including needles all over their bodies. There are cases where others are hit by pointed shoes on their heads until they bleed. Others are given cigar to smoke…the burning end inside their mouth and no fidgeting even if they get burnt in their cheeks. If they fidget another more severe punishment will be waiting at the door to take effect.

A step mother takes a child, (just because the child is not of her own blood…. and because she feels that the child may rival her children), dips the child hot water until the buttocks are burnt. So the harmed child can’t be able to sit eventually. The child kneels instead of sitting. The said mother pretends that the child accidentally got burnt and wins the case, then pretends again to be so polite, nursing the child “with all her heart”.

There are other cases where a house maid beats up a child, steps on their tummy over and over again, several times a day, daily. The reason could be that her payment delayed and so she is reacting back. The day she would be paid is the day she would stop doing that. Oh God. Parents may not be aware of this at all. They may not even have time to look at their child’s body for any battering marks or even green stick fractures. The child then suffers in silence. This is very bad. 

Other reasons for brutality could include subjecting a young child to heavy manual work that can even injure their spine. Worst of all, molesting them until they get used to because they have no option. A child is frightened….that he will be killed in case he reveals all the happenings. So a child lives in fear and apprehension. Their mental status becomes sick. They don’t end up living their real lives. They enter into a world of denial, having faced a social injustices that nobody tackled in their favor because the one who was punishing them warned them not to open up. They suffer in silence afterwards, and so they can’t cope with the societal norms. They feel used up (especially defilement cases). Their self-esteem is crushed into pieces and so have nothing else to hang on to feel loved or to feel that they belong among the justified. 

I need to mention again that those who engage in this act should be brought to proper account. A sinful heart towards a child is like a malignancy to the society. Children determine the future population. Neglected children, battered or even defiled ones won’t bring up a strong nation. I write with passion, condemning child brutality.

I won’t mind spending time writing. The future of a child is important. Children are our legacy because we leave them behind to continue developing the nation and the world at large when we die. 

Please, support me against child brutality, whichever part of the world you are. This is important. Thank you.



3 thoughts on “Child Brutality….I condemn!

  1. Amazing,children are a gift from God,let’s empress His creation for procreation by taking care of them,even Jesus the best teacher said let all the children come unto me.thanks.

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