There’s life in motion. Consider a dynamo.

When a dynamo revolves or rotates, it generates power. A power generator without a dynamo is meaningless. For it to be considered lively, it has to be in motion. Dynamo, dynamic, movement, motion.

A bird flying across the Atlantic ocean, covering thousands of miles across the ocean has to be in motion for it to make it otherwise it would dive into the waters. The wings of the bird have to keep on maintaining buoyancy in the air. If the bird fails to flap the wings at any given moment, it may gravitate into the waters.

Blood in the vessels, both veins and arteries has to be in motion so that body systems can work. This includes maintenance of the heart beat and brain function. If blood fails to move within the vessels, quite a number of damages in the body can occur including blood clots that can form emboli which are risky to the heart, brain and the lungs.

There’s life in motion. Stagnant water in a pond becomes poisonous eventually. A flowing stream has sweet waters. This is a good lesson for human being. If you don’t set yourself in motion, you eventually become poisonous because you will be like stagnant water in a pond.

How can you succeed when you don’t make progress? How can you expect miracles even when you can’t give it a try? You remain in the same position, same situation…a status quo…for weeks, months, years and centuries and you expect life to be automatic. Forget! Nature doesn’t lie. You are the one who can lie. Motion is God’s purpose. Nature speaks motion. Nature is God. If you are on the queue and you are not moving, you will be pushed aside or be left behind. Don’t stagnate. Move. Do something. Make progress. There’s life in motion. Get facts right.

To maintain buoyancy in life, create a motion. In fact, for you to motivate yourself and move, motion is the first gear. Learn from the analogy of the birds above. They set themselves in motion and so get naturally motivated to fly miles and miles away. Even if you convinced me that you have all the faith in doing something, yet you are not taking a step, then you will be cheating yourself. Faith without action is dead faith, the holy scriptures reveal that to us.



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