Generosity then prosperity…a gift.

Generosity is a gift. I believe that not everyone has it. And even if everyone had it, the levels would be different. To be generous is to be willing to lend without profit, give freely without sanctions, conditions or questions. It’s proper for someone to be generous. It’s also necessary that we practice the gift of generosity. The divine nature is founded on giving. The Christian faith draws analogy of giving…..he gave his only begotten son Jesus Christ….

When one is generous, the natural flow of the visible and invisible wealth comes into play. When you give, you receive. It’s said so. And that’s true. But I also want to mention that when you give, you prosper. When you release what you have in your hand, you are entitled to reception of more gifts that you wouldn’t have acquired ordinarily and on your own. Nature responds automatically always. When you give you receive, then prosper.

For you and me to give or to become generous, we must have the heart of doing so. Generosity comes from the heart. Not many people can exercise the gift of generosity in a similar manner. Some do it sparingly while others go full blast. When you sow sparingly, remember that you reap sparingly. When you sow bountifully you harvest bountifully. You can give what you only have and that can sometimes be painful. But as long as this natural principle is followed, the reward is hundred fold. Parting with something meaningful or important to you is a sure sign that the Godly nature exists in you. Otherwise under ordinary circumstances, most people will tend to protect what they have so that it’s not given away. Some people attach their hearts to property….such that loss of that property can lead to misery or even suicide. It’s unfortunate that the natural man is a selfish man. The natural, also called carnal man is egocentric and so would want to centralize everything given to him. He wants to withhold even that which belongs to someone else. This unfortunate. We need to reflect on this.

True generosity comes from the heart. It’s good to reiterate that statement even hundred times. A good heart gives happily and so gives freely. It gives all that it can give. It empties itself. A good heart is a prosperous heart in waiting…..because as long as it gives, it prospers. It is in itself a prosperity. That’s why blessed are those who give for they shall receive. It also means they shall prosper…and as long as God lives, they shall be rewarded. God watches them from heaven to reward them.

I also want to mention that generosity is a seed. Plant it and be sure you will harvest. The harvest is called prosperity. When you give too much, you receive too much. One thing I have observed…..and this is true…that when you plant a seed, God makes sure that you don’t die before harvesting. You will live to eat your fruits before you depart from this planet earth. Some people do things without care. Be sure that the consequences will demand for their actions. Note that.

Prosperity means that everything that you were meant to have or do comes exactly the way it was supposed to be. To prosper is to live in the world of success, to thrive and move in the direction intended for you. Prosperity is a road that’s perfect. A road that leads you into the world of plenty, not the world of lack. We lack because we don’t give. We are not generous. We look for opportunities and wealth in vain because we have not opened ways for ourselves that lead us into plenty. We are self centered. We want to hold everything all the time but not release. We have not learnt that giving is God’s kingdom business. We think that when we heap all that we have, then it grows. Unfortunately it’s the opposite. Hear me child of God.

You either save by losing or lose by saving.




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