On Sunday. Count your blessings one by one….

Count your many blessings one by one, and you will be surprised to see what the Lord has done. Look around and see…you are not where you were yesterday, last week, a month ago or a year ago. You have made steps…forward. God has blessed you with many things. Count your many blessings one by one and you will be surprised…..you will realize that what you have is much more than what you have probably been longing for.

Occasionally, tornados and tempests storm in our lives. They drive us away from the truth. Rather they drift us away all round, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We remain numb and dumb. No hump to ride upon. No camp to lodge. No warmth, everything is damp. No lamp to light our path. No good road, only in a swamp. No rump to roll ourselves upward, only sharp staircases that make it difficult for us to climb up. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Doom, darkness, doubt, despondency, negatives, dark cloud (nimbus). Whichever way the situation would be described….

I have faith in God. Join me in the same faith. When storm strikes and tempests fall, always remember that you have many blessings that you can count from God. It’s not a must, neither is it necessary that you die in the storm. If that was the case, then Noah could have lost lives and property during the storm but was safe in the ark that kept on dancing on top of the flood and even in the storm itself. We should learn to dance in the storm. If it’s hard for you to dance in the storm, then try to dance in the rain. The good side about that is that nobody will see your tears because the rain washes them away. 

So, always take advantage of your situation and turn the mourning part into dancing. When you choose to dance, the enemy gets frustrated because they expected you to suffer in vain. Turn your situation, your shortcoming, your emotional imbalance, your infertility, your bankruptcy, or your lack into an opportunity to harvest from God. When you appear before God for help, God finds an opportunity to shape your life. You also use it as an opportunity to petition God to change your life. Allow me to say that I have realized in life that most of us “have no time with God when nothing is pressing” I don’t mean that life should press us down, sideways etc. No. I mean that any situation that requires God’s intervention forms a basis and a privilege of meeting your God in communion. When you do that, you will realize that you end up having many blessings instead, after the problem you have been having is over. You instead become wealthy after problems. Remember that Job became double rich after suffering. Annah begot the greatest prophet Samuel amid problems. Her problems led to invention of long term solutions that benefited many people…..and truly speaking, necessity is a mother of invention.

Count your blessings today. They are there around you. God has never failed to bless us. It’s us who have failed to see the blessings that God has given us. If you are not in hospital on oxygen support, or behind bars for no reason, or involved in an accident, or anorexic but can’t understand why (and so you are able to eat to your fullest…), then you have all reasons to count yourself among the blessed ones. If you can have strength to walk in your compound while at home, or even prepare a meal and eat,  or tend or fend for your children, so that life to you is normal, then you have all the reasons to say thank you God for everything in my life. Not all people in the world live the way you do. Others can hardly swallow, others can’t walk. They are permanently glued on wheelchairs. Yet others can’t see and so grope in the dark. Others have lost speech. The list is endless….

My dear brother or sister, God is supreme. He loves everyone of us. He can’t fail to bless us. If you are complaining everyday that he has neglected you or forsaken you for that matter, look around and see. You will be surprised that your life is far much better than somebody else somewhere on this planet earth. Your life is blessed.

I want to conclude by saying that count your blessings today. Tomorrow, you have much more blessings coming. If you don’t prepare your basket today, you shall have no room to carry the blessings. Start preparing for tomorrow’s blessings now. Better obey my plea.

You are blessed. Know that from today. Change your mind towards God. All is well, tell my people. Isn’t I who brought them out of Egypt?



5 thoughts on “On Sunday. Count your blessings one by one….

    1. A true blessing is not found in the material possessions. That’s not to mean that material possessions are not important. No. It just means that a blessing goes beyond such possessions. Beyond here means that when you find peace, good health and salvation in God, then you are a very lucky Christian. Above all, when God visits you, you count yourself blessed.

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