The art of Persistence…

When you persist, you become persistent. You create persistence. The law of cause and effect takes over….and because for every action there’s a reaction, the situation at hand gives way.

The success stories of the renown heroes in the world have a tag line of persistence attached to it. Believe me on this. The art of persistence is the secret behind success. Maybe you knew this but it’s good that you know it again. Don’t get tired knowing that for the second time. It starts with persistence and ends with persistence.

Success doesn’t entertain people who are double minded, who feel like they should just try, even without an agenda. People who are not focused, no purpose. No. If you are that kind of person, please review your profile. People who decide to do things and succeed are the ones who become heroes. They are always honored and crowned. They are also faced with crowds…everyone admiring them and longing even for a handshake with them. Their pain is usually short term but their joy is long term. Their joy is eternal. Their names remain on the banner or printed plates or in record books for ages. The art of persistence gave them everything they needed and now they are flying everywhere!

Persistence puts resilience inside somebody’s body soul and mind. They move ahead relentlessly. They get motivated and their inner voice tells them not to quit. “Stay put. Pursue your dream up to the end”.

What’s that you are pursuing? You are already a success. The only bridge you require to walk over is the bridge of persistence. The following points will help you to keep focus.

  • Always tell yourself that you are not quitting, no matter what.
  • If you can start an idea well, then it means you are capable of accomplishing it well.
  • Somebody’s success story is a reflection of your story to another person as well.
  • Always listen to your heart. It has the right answers.
  • After you have chosen a path, look ahead.



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