Anger….always angry?

The term A.N.G.E.R can simply refer to Absolutely Never Gaining (in) Every Reaction. 

Anger is a destructive force within a human being. It is a malignancy to the heart and nerves. It is a spirit that grows big when not tamed. Since anger destroys, it can also kill. In other words, anger is an agent of death. It can also be said that “anger” is an “angel” of death. A person who strangle themselves die as a result of anger. Those who throw themselves from a height die because of anger. Others who kill their spouses over trivial occurrences do so because they were overwhelmed with anger. The list is endless…….

A person who gets angry too often ends up creating a wrong environment around them. They can make it hostile until people flee. They can destroy property in many ways or can destroy personalities. They can also break relationships. It has happened before, somewhere. Anger…absolutely never gaining in every reaction. Well, or if you gain, then you gain negatively. In other words, you are rewarded negatively.

When you get angry, the nerves ache. The heart rate goes up. This means the blood pressure rises. You can also sweat. Your adrenaline is also increased. You then gain energy to fight or hit back in any way. Worse still, you become compelled or driven to commit an incident for you to feel relieved. In this case, you may not be having a clear conscience and a clear sense of judgement. You will only notice that the mistakes you have done or the damage you have caused is irreversible when your minds settles or calms later. So, you live in regret…this can even be behind bars for life.

If you are the kind of person who gets angry too often, and you are reading this article, I would like to let you know that it’s possible for you to improve. You can develop some of the ways that have been researched upon that are helpful in management of anger. For example, you can avoid situations that trigger you into angry states. You can walk away altogether to avoid arguments that lead you into angry states. You can also check on a counselor or develop a periodic review program with a psychiatrist on emotional problems. In that way, you are likely to do better.

Some reported heart problems and high blood pressure states are linked to emotional instabilities, anger being inclusive. One common problem I have encountered is that some children grow up with poor emotional foundations and it becomes difficult to manage them in future or even cope up with people around them. A lot therefore needs to be done during parenting. Parents become very important asset at several stages of emotional development of any child. Unfortunately, many parents seem to be a little bit busy and so leave their children in the hands of nannies or an assigned authority to take care of them. It can be understood but the challenge is that the emotional credibility of the child in question may not be put correctly on the score card for evaluation.

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