Achieve it!

Today is the best day for you to achieve what you wanted. It’s a “Wins” day (being a Wednesday). Don’t think of procrastinating, or maintaining status quo. Go ahead, go over and accomplish your goal.

Remember that tomorrow never comes. Tomorrow has its woes. Stay focused and see yourself through everything. Remember that you have the power to give up but at the same time, you have the power of choosing not to give up.

When you achieve a goal, you feel better. You feel motivated. You start realizing that you have the power to change a course or determine a step, however minor it be. Success is when you achieve what you wanted and that’s why many people define it in different ways. Giving up is one of the unwise standpoints that one can ever embrace. At times it’s too dim to see ahead but that doesn’t automatically mean that you will never get to see ahead.

Starting off anything in life seems hard initially and everything looks complicated at times. But hanging on even when you pass through darkness….and not knowing where to step at times is what  you can embrace knowing that it’s only a night then morning comes. Dark moments are usually proceeded by IMG-20170816-WA0000bright moments. Sometimes we give up on something for a while, then resolve to get back to it and actually it eventually becomes ours! It happens so especially in relationships. At times you wander in the thick forest for kilometres and spend days there eating wild fruits as a means of survival only to come back to the same road that you started with.

Achieve it today. This is the day to get that job or to start your own organization. It’s the day to travel, a day of progress. What you believe matters. Today you are going to make it. I know that you have big mountains looking at you intensely. It doesn’t matter. You will pass over those mountains and move forward until you can no longer see them. Today is the best day of your life. Do you believe that?

Thanks for believing that. You have all that you desire now. Stand up and go for it.




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