The warfare weapon

The best weaponry for Africa to fight the giant called illiteracy is through pen and paper. You can’t fight an enemy when you don’t have a skill to fight. Neither can you fight an enemy when you don’t have the necessary armoury. As the world advances…and more so in technology, a lot is required of us Africans. We need to keep a brace with the new way of doing things. Otherwise we shall be left in the dark. We need to utilize education fully. We need to turn education into a resourceful commodity or business. Education should be transformed from the intangible into the tangible world. Education is the key to success. But success without the effort to transform it into meaning is like rowing a boat without an oar. The purpose of education is independence. Unfortunately, in African, there’s a lot of dependence. If we have to fight poverty, improve our economy and create a self sustaining environment, then we have to be enterprising. Without enterprise, nothing new will come up. We shall remain a developing nation as others remain developed. There are values that we shall never embrace because we are not at the level where those values are required. We shall remain donated to instead of donating to. We shall be on the receiving end always. Our power will only lie in receiving instructions and not giving instructions. We shall see the dark side as others see the sunny side.

An African child has the power to change all this. Dead or alive, the power is in his hands. He has the quotient to determine the navigation bar of development and success. He is in himself a transformation. He can be enterprising. He can give instructions instead of receiving them all the time. He has the power to turn the political structure proportional . The only unfortunate bit is that he has never discovered he can do this. Africa is a beautiful place. It is a hub of development and progress. The bad spirit of scramble for wealth overnight requires a leader who can stand against it on all odds. The weaponry of our warfare in Africa is the Pen Paper concept. Knowledge is power. We know we have what it takes to conquer the enemy called poverty.


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