The Afri-Pen Paper Series.

Hello reader, welcome to my blog. The Afri-Pen Paper Series is a forum created to motivate, empower and bless the lives of many across nations. An African child out there wants to become a celebrity and so needs to be coached, motivated and taught how to become one. This is the place to be. Thank you.


I believe that a pen and a paper are usually the two powerful tools to fight illiteracy, open gates of wisdom, derail mental messes that have soiled our minds and alleviate intellectual blindness of whatever kind.

An African child is gifted. The child only needs to learn that. He has the capacity to rock the world. He can fly around, he can speak and people stop what they are doing to listen. An African child has a talent, is visionary and has the potential. So my aim of starting this blog is to reveal the true potential of an African child through the Afri-Pen Paper Series.

My contact is +254716250518. email address is My facebook page is Afri-Pen Paper Series. My facebook account is Benard Chinua.

Let’s walk the talk here…as we look at the various concepts and philosophies that will build up our intelligence. Thanks.



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