The beauty of wisdom

The acquisition of wisdom is one thing. Another is the kind of wisdom acquired. Wisdom is not automatic. I can also say it’s not automated. Not everyone is wise.

Wisdom is God given. This platform is a true source of wisdom. This is a site for discovery of the facts that you have never thought about. I believe we shall walk in wisdom here.

The reason why we need wisdom is so that we can make the right judgement. The basis for judgement is character. Character built wisely becomes a good reputation. We need to be profitable in society and I believe we shall have a good place to dwell before the heavenly master takes us away when each one’s time comes.

To grow in wisdom, we need to ask God. When we have knowledge, it doesn’t mean we are wise. How many knowledgeable people out there do foolish things? I ¬†will answer for you. They are many. Knowledge helps us to know things. Wisdom helps us to judge rightly.

If you are a leader and you are reading this blog, think about this; are you wise? In my Afri-Pen Paper Series, we shall be looking at quite a number of analogies or even facts that will help us to grow towards acceptable people in society.

In Africa, we have people who are wise, people who do better in life. People we can read from and then understand. We have geniuses. I like people who are focused. People who are producers, not just consumers. I like learning. I’m humbled by wise people because those are God given abilities. God gives anyone whatever they desire…and so we have the power in our hands to acquire wisdom.

I believe that foolishness makes the heart sick. This is because a foolish person has so much trouble that makes them feel unwell in society. They don’t know which buttons to dial at what time. They are caught in the wrong most of the time. We need to be wise. We can be if we mean it. Indeed we are.

Wisdom is beautiful. It is a crown. Everyone will admire it when you put it on. Everyone will see something unique in you. Successful people are wise. They are always doing things that touch the lives of people positively. They help people, not even expecting anything in return. They are noble. They think selflessly. They are humble. They do not hold grudges. They are always busy making up something new in society. They don’t know what it means by boundaries. They are always lending where they can.

Wisdom is for us all. Let’s create a society where we can lend freely, we can help a life to breathe easier, a society where there are no chaos or injustices of all kinds, a society without brutality. Let’s be humane. Let’s eat, laugh, love and sleep together without enmity. Let’s create a society that God becomes happy with and can come down to celebrate with us even before we invite HIM.



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