Esteem means holding an opinion or some respect for something or an individual. Esteem gives a sense of value. This is an important part of a person’s drive or motive. Good esteem sets the wheel in motion. The engine feels warm and is safe on the road.

Self esteem is what a few people go for, which is commendable. The effort to sustain oneself so as to move forward is determined by the relentless effort to tell oneself that they are not giving up no matter what. It’s a resolution to fight and move forward. In that case, the esteem is maintained.

On the flipside, low self esteem is like an engine that is cold and takes ages to be ignited. This is what makes most people fail to exercise their potential. It’s what makes them to cow inwards. It makes them sin in silence when they should have protested against a demoralizing situation.

When the esteem of a society is low, there are few or no developments because their minds are never stimulated to attract the necessary fortunes. An individual with low self-esteem is a coward individual. He can’t step forward. Neither can he raise his eyebrows or look straight in the eye. He can decide to give up because he knows that he has always failed.

Low self-esteem is a hazard to the body. It sends shivers to the nerves and that forms a starting point of anxiety neurosis. Talk to someone with low self esteem and you will realize that they need some treatment. Am being particular with these characteristics so that you can understand yourself. After reading this article, you need to evaluate yourself. If you are one of such kind, then revisit your esteem….and so your emotions. You don’t have to be weighed down with a low self-esteem. You have the potential to achieve everything in life.

From this day, start changing your mind. Put on a winning mentality. See yourself as important. Who said that you can’t make it? You have the power to do the unimaginable. You have a dynamo within you. Just switch it on. Start with the low gear, then change gears as you move. The engine will start getting warm…and so the journey will be assured. Life’s success relies heavily on the esteem that we hold. Take a moment of self reflection and think about that.

Thank you for reading this article. I believe you are part of success . Be free to comment on the article. Thanks.


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